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Are you ready to create the space of your dreams?


Do you dream of having a beautiful space but don't know where to start?  The Design Bible is here to take you through the simple, step by step process so you can create your dream space. You will learn the exact, secret methods we use as Interior Designers and to make it even easier we have included our templates & tools so you can virtually copy & paste the solutions in your home! This is the ultimate guide to transforming any space to perfection.

Featured Designers

What we do

You will learn how to

Nail your vision with the guided process including a visualisation & meditation

Discover your unique, beautiful style

Create a mood board


Choose your home's colour palette


Follow a complete deep cleansing & organising guide to make your home the most organised & clean place on earth


Pick your home's paint, flooring, lighting & window treatments


Find the perfect furniture for your home


Learn the perfect layout for your furniture in your home with top designer & fengshui tips


Style & decorate your home like a pro!


Create ambience in your home using the sensory experience (sight, smell, touch, taste & sound.)

Product recommendations & exclusive discounts

Clickable shopping lists with our product recommendations + exclusive discounts to our favourite retailers

Templates & tutorials

Access to the templates we use as Interior Designers & how to tutorials

Layout guides

Diagrams to suggest our recommendation on how to lay your furniture out within the space.

To do lists

Easy to follow to do lists for each area


Featured in..

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Who is she?

Hi! I am Nicola, Your new Interior Design Guru.​

have experienced and seen first hand what it feels like to transform your environment and the positive impact it can have on your life. More than anything else I want you to feel this.

I am a Senior Interior Designer with over 10 years of experience in the Interior Design Industry and the founder of She


With recently landing in the top 20 stylists in South East Queensland listed by Courier Mail and our recent project landing the front cover of Australia’s favourite Interior Design Magazine - Adore magazine, it is safe to say I have discovered what the secret sauce is to creating the ultimate dream space is and I am here to show you exactly what it entails in The Design Bible.


The Design Bible is created to give you the power and the tools to make any space look and feel amazing! I cover everything there is to know about creating your dream space in this book from how to discover your unique style through to incorporating that into your space.

I cannot wait for you to have the knowledge and the tools to make your space look incredible and for you to feel the positive impacts of what a beautifully designed space can have on your life.

Who is she?

Save thousands of dollars worth of industry knowledge and get everything you need to know about styling your home for only $99!

Don't just take our word for it..


I have been admiring Nicola's work for some time and always dreamt of having her design my home but with saving for my wedding and other life events I had to put it on my future wish list. I always felt I didn't have the eye for design but wanted so desperately to love my home as it was making me anxious. After investing in The Design Bible, I was blown away with the value this book held. I discovered my beautiful, unique style and transformed my home and have never been more in love and proud of where I live. It feels as though I have had She Creates design the space for me but what is even better is that I now have the knowledge and tools on what it takes to create my dream space which I can use any time in my life!


Nicola was a pleasure to work with. She envisioned what I didn't have the capacity to envision and turned my house into my absolute dream home. Ever since she has transformed my home, I want to show it of to the world, I have never felt more proud of my home in my life.


WOW what a life changing experience, this is not just a styling guide this a full on holistic gudie to transforming your home into your ultimate happy place. My mind is blown and my eyes have been opened to how much your home can affect your mentality. I feel so amazing about my home now. Thank you Nicola.

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