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She Creates spaces that take you to higher places!
Are you ready?

She Creates Co. expertly transforms any and all spaces, to facilitate exceptional aesthetics and seamless structure. Cultivating accessible, purpose-driven design: She Creates to maximise the lived in experience of your space and to cultivate the inner essence of your higher self to ensure your space is designed to make you thrive, whilst taking artistic risks and thinking beyond the dimensions of the space she transforms.


You are a reflection of your surroundings - it’s time to immerse yourself into a beautifully designed environment that is customised to bring you optimal success. 

We believe your space represents your potential. We are here to give you ideas you never even considered possible, to exquisitely capture your energy and attention and execute your visions for yourself/your brand and your entire lived experience.


You may see 4 walls, a roof and a floor. We see your dream waiting to be designed & born to life.

Your dream space starts here.

What does she do?


Residential Interior Design

It is time to feel proud of where you live. Let us turn your house into your absolute dream home.

Make your business stand out and thrive with a stunning new business space.

Highlight yourself and/or your products in the absolute best light possible with our signature styling & photography. 

Whether you need an epic photoshoot location or to host a work shop or have a meeting. We have three beautifully designed locations for you to choose from.

Featured in..

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Don't just take our word for it..


Nicola from She Creates.Co is a doll. From first contact, we knew our living area was going to redesigned by a professional according to our taste and required functionality. It was such fun working with Nicola, she is so friendly & nothing was too hard. She listened to us, offered us options & guided us at each stage of the process. It took 'she' to create a space that we absolutely adore.


Nicola was a pleasure to work with. She envisioned what I didn't have the capacity to envision and turned my house into my absolute dream home. Ever since she has transformed my home, I want to show it of to the world, I have never felt more proud of my home in my life.


Nicola is an absolute talent. We had our property evaluated prior to Nicola getting to work and after. The value of our property increased dramatically thanks to her spectacular eye for design. It was the best investment we ever made.

Who is she?




She is Nicola - mama, lover, creative. Fueled by sarcasm, caffeine & an undeniable urge to help others live better lives through their environments.

A multi facet creative, passionate business owner, Interior designer & photographer. A woman on a mission to spread positivity & light and leave the world better than she found it, one space at a time.

She possesses a creative superpower, when she sees a space, she envisions a plethora of possibilities, dimensions and opportunities to transform it into something unforeseen. 

She lives her life with a smile on her face, as a walking example of the power of creativity and channeling her creative mind into something she was born to do. 


She likes to break the rules... to take modern concepts and constructs and transform them into spaces that elevate the lives of the people who uses them.

There are no rules when it comes to your own space -are you ready to level up and experience the impact a beautiful space can have on your life? Let's go!


Let's catch up and see if we're the right fit!


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