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Create the life & space of your dreams

The Design Bible


Are you ready to master the art of what it takes to create the space of your dreams and transform your life in the process? The Design Bible reveals the exact, secret methods we use as Interior Designers, guiding you through the simple, step by step process so you can create your dream space. Complete with practical templates, clear instructions, and life-altering design principles, The Design Bible is your ticket to transforming your space and life into one you've always dreamed of.

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Discover the inner essence of who you are

Embark on a journey of self-discovery to reconnect with your authentic self. This guide will take you through an empowering self-exploration journey to reveal your personality type, love language, inner aspirations, purpose, and unique style and show you how to incorporate your essence into designing your dream space.

Create your dream space

This is your guide to unlocking any spaces potential. The Design Bible provides a straightforward method for transforming any space, guiding you through the same Step-by-Step method that Interior Designers use. Filled expert advice, useful templates, and valuable resources, it's like having a personal designer by your side so you can truly master the art of creating your dream space.

Create your dream life

This Design Bible aims to elevate both your space and your life to a higher place. It goes beyond just transforming your environment; it's about revitalising your entire life. With a solid plan, you can discover your authentic self, progress towards your goals, and create a sanctuary that reflects your ambitions, leading you towards the life of your dreams.

Just some of the value we will cover together..


Discover your distinct and captivating style

Gain clarity on your ideal life vision and craft a space that propels you towards it

Design a mood board and Select a cohesive color scheme for your space using our premade template 

Explore the principles of Feng Shui and space energetics to enhance your space

Implement a comprehensive deep cleaning and organising strategy for a supremely tidy and organised space

Acquire skills to sketch and plan your ultimate dream space

Learn how to select the best finishes eg. paint, flooring, lighting, and window treatments. 

Find the ideal furniture pieces that complement your space and learn how to lay out your space

Learn professional secrets to styling and decorating​ like a pro

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Meet the creator

Hi! I am Nicola,

The heart & soul behind She Creates 🤍

With more than a decade of experience as a Senior Interior Designer, what began as a passion for Interior Design turned into a thriving business. This venture has revamped numerous spaces that have positively impacted the lives of our clients. Our work has landed in places I could have only ever dreamed of, being listed as one of the top 20 stylists in South East Queensland by Courier Mail and another one of our projects was featured on the cover of Australia’s favourite interior design mag - Adore magazine.

Through my own experiences and witnessing the transformations firsthand, I've come to understand the profound effect that elevating your surroundings can have on your overall well-being and life and I can confidently say that I have uncovered the key ingredients to crafting the ultimate dream space. Now, I'm spilling all the design tea in The Design Bible.

This book is your golden ticket to unlocking the potential of any room, guiding you through the precise step by step method to achieve jaw-dropping results in your space. From nailing down your unique style to seamlessly blending it into your space, consider this your design roadmap. I can't wait for you to create your dream space with The Design Bible and in turn enhance your life through beautiful design.

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Product guides & recommendations

Recommendations to help you find the best pieces to complete your dream space

Access to exclusive discounts

Exclusive discount codes on furniture & homewares.

Layout guide

Diagrams showcasing where to best place everything in your space eg. how to lay your furniture out, where to mount art, window furnishings etc.

Tools & templates

Access to the tools & templates we use for Interior Design projects such as mood board templates, brief templates, order lists etc.


Don't just take our word for it..


I have been admiring Nicola's work for some time and always dreamt of having her design my home but with saving for my wedding and other life events I had to put it on my future wish list. I always felt I didn't have the eye for design but wanted so desperately to love my home as it was making me anxious. After investing in The Design Bible, I was blown away with the value this book held. I discovered my beautiful, unique style and transformed my home and have never been more in love and proud of where I live. It feels as though I have had She Creates design the space for me but what is even better is that I now have the knowledge and tools on what it takes to create my dream space which I can use any time in my life!


Nicola was a pleasure to work with. She envisioned what I didn't have the capacity to envision and turned my house into my absolute dream home. Ever since she has transformed my home, I want to show it of to the world, I have never felt more proud of my home in my life.


WOW what a life changing experience, this is not just a styling guide this a full on holistic gudie to transforming your home into your ultimate happy place. My mind is blown and my eyes have been opened to how much your home can affect your mentality. I feel so amazing about my home now. Thank you Nicola.

  • I have no interior design experience or a creative eye, will I still be able to transform my space following The Design Bible?
    Absolutely, you don't need an 'eye for design' to achieve your dream space. The Design Bible was created to provide you with all the tips, tricks, and secrets required to transform any space. Follow a proven, step-by-step formula as I guide you through easy-to-follow steps, checklists, and tutorials.
  • Do I really need to spend money on something like this?
    This guide is crafted to help you save money, offering over $5000 value for just $99, a resource you can benefit from indefinitely. By using this guide, you can not only reduce expenses on hiring an Interior Designer but also create a space that fits your budget perfectly. The Design Bible aims to prevent costly mistakes often made when transforming a space without a clear plan. Instead of impulsive decisions and purchases to achieve your dream space, this guide provides a structured approach, allowing you to plan and evaluate the costs upfront. You will also discover how to maximize your current resources by decluttering, selling unnecessary items, and making wise investments in essentials. Understand the importance of investing in your space, where you spend most of your time. Can you afford not to enhance your lifestyle in your own space? Reflect on past attempts to enhance your space independently. The Design Bible goes beyond mere space transformation; it can have a positive impact on your overall well-being. The benefits of enhancing your living environment are truly priceless.
  • I want a beautiful home but I feel I don’t have time for this?
    This guide is designed to help you optimize your time by assisting you in crafting a strategic plan that focuses on activities with tangible outcomes. Creating a space that resonates with your goals allows for a streamlined daily routine. The Design Bible promotes a methodical approach to eliminate redundancies and set a clear path. Tackling minor space issues can be time-consuming and draining. By addressing these challenges systematically, you'll discover how a well-structured and organised system can save you time. Let The Design Bible illustrate in depth how effective design can transform your everyday life.
  • How much time is this going to take out of my week / add to my schedule?
    The beauty of this guide is that you can complete this at your own pace. You have the flexibility to dedicate a day to each step, a week, an hour daily, a weekend, or a month – choose what works best for your lifestyle. By following these steps attentively, you can optimise the outcomes. Moreover, you can revisit each step in the future as your family grows, your circumstances shift, or when you simply wish to make some updates.
  • What is the actual product, what will I receive?"
    You will get an email containing a downloadable E-book guide that you can print or access on your computer, tablet, or phone. This guide will be packed with valuable information presented in practical steps for you to follow at your own speed. Each step will come with a checklist to guide your actions, ensuring clarity on what needs to be accomplished and the sense of achievement upon completion. Additionally, the guide will feature links to templates, documents, and video tutorials to help you maximize the benefits of each step.
  • How does the guide run? What are the steps?
    01 THE INNER WORK & SELF DISCOVERY Before looking outward, it's crucial to introspect. This phase involves exploring your core desires and dreams, understanding your essence, aspirations, style, creating mood boards, and embarking on a journey of self-discovery to find your true self. 02 THE SCIENCE OF YOUR SPACE STRATEGIC PLANNING PHASE Once you have a clear vision of your dreams, preferences, and style, it's time to focus on the functionality of your space. This phase will guide you on strategically planning your dream space to enhance your lifestyle and maximize its potential through mind mapping and strategic planning. 03 DESIGNING YOUR DREAM SPACE At this point, you should have a vision for your space's aesthetics, color palette, and functionality. It's time to bring this vision to life by designing your ultimate dream space. This phase will walk you through the step-by-step process of designing your dream space, from selecting paint, flooring, furniture, to lighting, textiles, and décor. You will create a detailed plan with an item list and action steps. 04 THE CLEANSE & ORGANISE PHASE This phase focuses on purging negative energies, habits, and preparing for a fresh start. Organising and cleansing your space deeply impacts its appeal and your well-being. Follow an actionable checklist, strategic formulas, and organisational storage techniques for optimal results. 05 BRINGING YOUR DREAM SPACE TO LIFE Here's where the magic unfolds, as your dream space becomes a reality. Learn the process and art of implementing your space and styling it like a pro to ensure perfection. 06 TAKING IT TO THE NEXT LEVEL - THE SENSORY EXPERIENCE Elevate your living space by creating a sensory experience that engages all five human senses: sight, touch, smell, taste, and hearing. Transform your space into a luxurious sanctuary that not only looks appealing but also feels amazing, providing a holistic sensory experience.
  • Why can’t I just try figure this out myself?
    Good design isn't a happy accident; it follows a strategical recipe that promises to enhance your surroundings. The return on investment is priceless considering the massive upgrade it will bring to not only your space but also your life. Don't roll the dice on creating your dream space, let The Design Bible be your ultimate guide to ensure you get there.
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