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    The only design book you will ever need, it has everything you need to know about Interior Design so you can turn any space into a beautiful sanctuary.


    Do you dream of having a beautiful space but don't know where to start?  The Design Bible is here to take you through the simple, step by step process so you can create your dream space. You will learn the exact, secret methods we use as Interior Designers and to make it even easier we have included our templates & tools so you can virtually copy & paste the solutions in your home! This is the ultimate guide to transforming any space to perfection.


    • Discover who you are and ail your vision with the guided self discovery process
    • Discover your unique, beautiful style
    • Create a mood board with our ready made moodboard template
    • Choose your home's colour palette
    • Follow a complete deep cleansing & organising guide to make your home the most organised & clean place on earth
    • Pick your home's paint, flooring, lighting & window treatments
    • Find the perfect furniture for your home
    • Learn how to layout for your furniture in your home
    • Top  designer & fengshui tips
    • Style & decorate your home like a pro!
    • Create ambience in your home using the sensory experience (sight, smell, touch, taste & sound.)
    • Access to exclusive disocunts
    • Product recomendations
    • Templates & tutorials
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