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Create a beautiful space & make money from it.

A never been done before course designed to make you enjoy a beautiful space whilst reaping the financial benefits. 


I'm Nicola

What if I told you, you could be making an additional income from your home/space right now? You could be going about your day and be having extra $ coming into your bank account and all you have to do is create a beautiful space? I feel like I have been sitting on this golden secret and it's selfish for me to keep this in anymore. 

Having been in the design industry for a decade, I have created many mind blowing spaces and many of which are generating a beautiful income for my clients and myself.

I am the co-creator of The Pink Bungalow which was an air bnb space, now a photoshoot location and was voted QLD's top 5 shoot location.

If you want a beautiful space and more money in your pocket every week to help you live life on your terms, I am about to take you through a beautiful journey on how to get exactly that.

Throughout the 8 week course, I will equip you with everything you need to make this your reality. Not only will you learn how to create an epic space you will quite literally create everything with me including your branding, Instagram page,  price guides etc.

There will be no stone left unturned and you will complete this course with a beautifully designed space and your very own business that will be automated and putting extra $ in your pocket.

Interior Design expert, Founder of She, Air Bnb Superhost & photoshoot location creator.

You Will Learn How To


Learn how to be an Interior designer & create a beautiful space.


Market & brand the space, create the name, website etc.


Automate the space & create an income from it.

Course will launch in September 2021

Just some of the things we will do together..

Architecture Model Sketching
Strategic planning & goal setting
Interior Designer
Design your space to perfection
Interior Design Master Class
Make an income from it
Image by Georgia de Lotz
Branding & Marketing the space
Automate the process

The amazingness you get,

Live weekly masterclasses for the full 8 weeks

Access to the Design Mentoring group.

Templates for everything, so you can simply copy & paste.

8 easy to implement modules.

Automate the space & create an income from it.

What People Say

Nicola is an absolute talent. We had our property evaluated prior to Nicola getting to work and after. The value of our property increased dramatically thanks to her spectacular eye for design. It was the best investment we ever made.


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