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It's time to create the home office of your dreams.

Welcome to the She Creates Home Office Masterclass! The ultimate master key capable of turning your home office into a thriving sanctuary.


Hey you!

You are invited to come join me for an exclusive live masterclass, grab a glass of wine and lets design your home office into one that makes you feel happy, inspired, motivated & truly sets you up for success!

People say the kitchen is the heart of the home, well I say the office is the brain of the home.  This is where ideas are made, dreams are actioned and let's be real for a lot of us now this is where we spend most of our days (when we aren't standing in front of the fridge for the sixth time in a row hoping some snack will appear so we can procrasti-eat). 


The space in which you are working affects the quality of your work, it affects the way you feel everyday, the way you show up. A beautifully designed office has the power to enhance your workflow, your well-being, shift your state and can even help with mental health.

An office is a vortex capable of producing and fulfilling your dreams. So what is your home office doing for you and your dreams?

It's time to be proud of your home office, it's time to up level your life. I can't wait to guide you through learnings so that you can use the exact method I do and achieve a beautiful and thriving home office space.


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Just some of the things we will cover together..

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Strategic planning & goal setting
Interior Designer
Design your space to perfection
Top Interior Design tips & tricks
Feng shui & energetic frequencies
Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Blue and White Step by Step Proces
Create a mood board
Set your everyday up for success

The amazingness you get,

Live 90 minute Office Design masterclass

Live Q&A, ask the designer your burning questions

The Design Bible, worth $99 for FREE!

Our mood board template, so you can copy & paste

Heavy discounts on a variety of our offerings

All for only $99!

What People Say

I was feeling unmotivated to work, my energy felt stagnant and my office space made me feel heavy. Since working with Nicola, my office is completely transformed and I feel so excited to work from it everyday, I never want to leave. My motivation is back and I feel inspired to work.


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Yes, sign me up!

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