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Your complete guide to styling & fueling your next Winter dinner party, styling, recipes & all!

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

Your next dinner party is already sorted! We have curated pieces to style the table and chosen the menu and recipes to feed your guests, all the guess work done for you!

Winter is here and instead of being sad the sunny days are no longer with us, let's make the most it and invite our friends over for delicious food, mulled wine & surprise them with a beautifully styled table by yours truly. I mean who can so no to good food, wine & friends in?

And guess what.. We literally have it all sorted for you, down from the styling items through to the menu and even the recipes (you're welcome). We have curated the perfect pieces to style your table and chosen a delicious menu with recipes that are sure to impress your guests. With all the guesswork taken care of, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy a stress-free evening of great food and company.

What we are styling the table with

Your shopping list of styling items;

Below is a list of the items we have carefully selected to style your dinner party, simple click on the 'Shop here' text next to the named items and the product page will open up in a new tab so you can begin adding to cart!

A step-by-step guide on how to style the table

1. Use the tablecloth as a bunched table runner

fold the tablecloth in half, organically lay it down the middle and bunch it in to keep room for the plates etc. on either side (see example in photo below)

2. Create the centerpiece running down the whole middle of the table.

The centerpiece will include;

  • Candles & candle holders

  • Vases

  • Serving platters

3. Place all the plates down (yes before placemats)

4. Place the linen placemats organically draping over the plates over the edge of the table & place the bowls on top of the napkins (example below)

5. Place cutlery down

6. Place wine glasses to the front right of each plate

7. Add finishing touches & decorate

  • Sprinkle dried oranges down the center of the table

  • Fruit scattered down the center of the table eg. grapes, pears cut up, figs cut up.

  • Flowers or foliage in the vases

  • A nicely printed menu on each plate (if you want to go that extra mile)

  • A sliced-up fig or flower/foliage on each plate

  • An affirmation card at each setting (Included in shopping list below)

What's on the menu?

The Party Starters

We have chosen starters that you can have prepared & out when your guests arrive so you can be present and enjoy your own dinner party.

1. Sage & Thyme Baked Brie in Sourdough

Recipe by Harvest & Gather

2. A light fresh produce + cheese platter selection

(Styled down the table centerpiece)

The mains

BEEF BRISKET by Donnah Hay

Vegetarian option;


The sides to accompany the mains


SUMAC-ROASTED CARROTS with pomegranate dressing By Donnah Hay



Your to do list to prep for your dinner party

  1. Order all your styling items from the shopping list above

  2. Set the date and invite your friends

  3. Confirm your menu dishes & write up your shopping list of groceries

  4. Design & print out menus for the tables (optional)

  5. Shop for your groceries

  6. Clean the house

  7. Style the table (following the list above) - Ps. If you need help with styling, we offer this service - email to enquire.

  8. Prep the food

  9. Enjoy your dinner party!

  10. And most importantly, take lots of photos and be sure to tag on Instagram

We hope you enjoy your dinner party and can't wait to see the fun you get up to!

PS. Want to learn everything you need to know to style any space to perfection?


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